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Your intranet screams "from the '90s"

Your CEO just read an article about employee engagement

The wrong people are clicking on the wrong stuff

Your content strategy is "whomever shouts loudest gets top billing"

Your new benefits package is causing FUD (read: fear, uncertainty and doh!)

Your company's new product is about to hit (but your sales team doesn't know it)

Your headquarters is moving to a new had to Google it

Your budget for content is a negative integer but you need to wow 'em

You're planning for next year, you open the template and your heart sinks

Your partners in HR, Marketing, Communications, Facilities all have a big idea and you need to work it out (because there's only one budget)

Your employee newsletter just achieved the world's first negative open rate

Your company culture is just plain broken

Your social media policy is "don't"

Your top communications KPI is "my CEO stopped yelling at me"

Your employees are 100% engaged (in non-productive activities)

Your company strategy is also your company's best kept secret

You're entering a new market (and you're not there to pick up eggs and milk)

You just got acquired and so far the only plan you have is: "don't panic"

Your company leadership started talking about "self-disruption"

Your firm just bought another firm and their culture is, um, "different"

Your boss asked you to describe the difference between a strategy and a tactic

Your most important stakeholder demanded a "viral intranet video" by this afternoon

Your quarterly town halls began to feel like uphill skiing

Your IT department tells you they're deploying a new communications technology... the night before it goes live

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Employee Digital Experience

Understand where your biggest opportunities lie

We conduct a comprehensive, combined qualitative and quantitative assessment of employee touchpoints, mapping out where and how to raise the bar to consumer-levels.



Editorial Strategy (Content)

Deliver compelling content that resonates with your employees

We use a 5-pillar approach to analyze your existing content strategy + create what we call the ”anti-calendar” – a system that’s strong, flexible, and takes your organization and company to the next level.



Employee Social Impact

Direct employees’ social media activities to enhance and defend your company’s reputation. Enable employees to demonstrate their "social authority" to help advance strategic initiatives and enhance your company’s reputation.

We digest and evaluate the “influence” your employees have across social media platforms and work with you to create an authentic activation strategy.

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